Radiesse NOT Worth It

In January 2008 I spent $1500.00 to have Radiesse...

In January 2008 I spent $1500.00 to have Radiesse put in the Naso lines and brow furrows.  Very lumpy looking, don't know if it was the product or the doctor just didn't take the time to smooth away the lumps.  This product was supposed to last for up to a year thus the higher cost.   By  June it was gone completely.  Juv and Restalyne seem to work just fine for me and last about the same time frame.  They are also much less expense wise.

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I had radiesse injected into marionette lines. Small amount of light bruising and lower lip swelled but went down after 48 hours. 5 weeks later,I saw little or no improvement in marionette lines. Consultant injected again, but in different area.Swelling on loer lip again for about 48 hours then within a week, large lumps appeared on my lower lip and inside my lower lip. Very noticeable. I returned to consultant who said this was very unusual and radiesse had moved into my lips - even though my lips were not injected. Further anaesthetic and she manpulated and broke down the swellings. My bottom lip was swollen - and completely covered my top lip for 36 gours then swelling started to reduce. It took 10 days for the swelling to go down. I still have lumps and bumps inside my lower lip, but they can't be seen. This was very embarrassing and I appeared to have had bad lip augmentation. My lips were and still are very full, but the marionette lines remain. It was a very painful and fruitless exercise.
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