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Non-surgical Nose Job with Radiesse

I thought this would be a painful experience, but...

I thought this would be a painful experience, but it was not quite what the doctor warned me. The results right after the procedure was spectacular. I'm glad I went through with it. Now my nose look more define and it looked like I went under the knife. I'am so happy with my nose


Where is the place that you got your non surgical procedure done??
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New image in Huntington Beach. Doctor Peter Nguyen. It goes away after 6-8 months though:/
I'm considering using Radiesse at the tip of my nose to elongate it and make it more "sci slope" because it sort of just falls off at the end making is seem as if I have a bump...are you still happy with it, exactly what did you have done to your nose, how long did it last??
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dr. peter nguyen

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