My Radiesse Nightmare

I had radiesse done at {edited} in Md on Feb. 15th...

I had radiesse done at {edited} in Md on Feb. 15th 2008. The NL folds turned out alright and I guess I'm pleased with the results. I still see a red line where needles were put in skin, but it's fading. I'm 41 and the laugh lines weren't too bad to begin with. I also had radiesse put into one tiny small little line on the left side of my bottom lip. It was so minor i could kick myself for having them try to fill it. It has been a nightmare. The nurse said she'd put a little in at a time so I could see how it looks (ok, sounds good). I didn't see a change after the first "dose", so she put a little more in. Still nothing, but now the bottom of my lip is huge (and on one side only). She said to massage it and use an ice pact, and the swelling would go down in 24-48 hours. Wrongo. She must have put the needle in too deep because the line on my face is still there, but my lip is huge and lumpy. I look freakish and everyone has asked me what the hell i did (i lied and said "dental work" to a few people.) Swelling from dental work doesn't last 2 weeks folks. The strange thing is, the lumps or nodules seem to go away and pop up in another area or go away and reappear a short time later. I dont know if i am doing more harm to the lip tissue and i'm really at a loss. Especially because i didn't want my lips done at all!!! My smile is lopsided and I look like a stroke victem. I went back to {edited} yesterday and the nurse took one look at me and called the rep from radiesse. He told her that the same thing happened recently to another client. He suggested injecting lidocaine into the lip to break up nodules, then massaging it out. Nurse injected my lip about 7 times. Hurt but i didn't care. Nodules seemed to lessen and we both took turns massaging AWAY from lip area and down into back of cheek. She said if need be, i could come back and she can do again. Well, didn't work at all. Going back tomorrow. I am telling her that i am disfigured from a procedure i didn't even ask for! If it cant be fixed I am getting an attorney and suing. I am not waiting 18 months for this to dissolve. any similar side effects or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Editor note: you must be contacted privately with provider recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.


Hi, I had radiesse injected on one side of my upper lip by accident. It's only been two days. My lip is huge and it is starting to form little white bumps. Do you know if this will get worse? I am so nervous and the Doctor said to wait a week and see what happens. This was there mistake and I am wondering if I will have permanent damage also will one side of my lip stay larger than the other? Any advise will be appreciated. Thank you!
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I am a month into a terrible Radiesse injection. I went in to get a little plumping in my lips, but I let the doctor sell me on injecting Radiesse into my nasal labial folds on my chin. At first the left side was very swollen and bruised, and the right side looked lumpy and a bit swollen, but not too bad. Then the swelling went down on the left side after about two weeks and the right side lumped up even more. Now I have a small lump at the left corner of my mouth and a very large lump at the lower right side of my mouth. I look like a chipmunk with my bottom lip full of nuts. My chin has two lumps on either side making my face look distorted. The doctor injected Restylane into my lips that now look like candy wax lips. I hate it all. I hate to go out in public. I massage my lumps contantly, but after a month, I see no change. The worst lump is about the size of a large olive. The doctor says it will go away in a year or two. I am taking large amounts of Vitamin E in hopes of thinning it out faster, but I see no change.
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this message is for deelie are you any better yet with the lumps?
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