Radiesse a Natural Look?

I never had a Filler for the face before.I did the...

I never had a Filler for the face before.

I did the Radiesse procedure because I am a Model and did not want noticable frowns around my mouth.

I have a long bumpy line going up to the side of my nose, also I have on the bottom side of my mouth to small bumps one on the left side and the other on the right side.

Is this natural when you have Radiesse injected? Please note I am a model and I just wanted to get rid of some of my frowns. Now it looks like I have a scar that is bumpy, and two bumps on the sides of my mouth.


I don't see any wrong with your picture. You look fine. Maybe you should post a side view of your face, then whatever u are complaining about can be seen better. Best of luck.
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I don't see anything odd on the pictures. If anything, more filler could be done on the nasolabial fold or an IPL for uneven skin if you want perfection. You look fine to me. You photograph well.
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I was told by a friend to come to a Radiesse party where a rep from the company would be there. Well, little did I know the "rep" only gave verbal instructions and I was another "guinea pig." Afterwards, one side of my mouth/face looks irregular and my right lip is swollen x 3. After 72 hours it is still this way. Everyone asks me questions and it is so embarrassing. People, watch out for anyone who is only in "training." Do your homework and only go to a RN or someone under a very reputable plastic surgeon. I hope I save someone the pain and $$.
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I have a bumpy line above my mouth going up my nose. I also have on each side of my mouth a bump.

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