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Just Had a Fill Done Last Friday

First of all I want to say that I purchased 3...

First of all I want to say that I purchased 3 syringes. I knew that I wouldn't be happy with just 1 or 2, and there was a Buy 1 get the 2nd and 3rd at a discount.

I had my NL folds done, as well as my jawline and cheeks. I had literally NO bruising or swelling. I iced for the entire evening after the procedure. After only 2 days, any remains of swelling are completely gone. However, as mentioned by a previous poster, I notice there is a bit of a shadow now under my eyes due to the "puffier" check areas. This isn't any big problem because I just touch up as I always did with Bare Essentuals coverup.

One thing I want to mention. As with other substances, Radiesse does NOT keep "for another visit." It will stay fresh for use after more than a few hours. Onec you buy a syringe, you may as well use it all at the visit. This is something the Radiesse rep told me, and I have also read this.

I am hoping that this lasts longer than a few months. But I look pretty good now happily. I am also a smoker (trying to quit.) I hope this doesn't interfere with the collagen formation, but I'm afraid it may do exactly that.


Im from the milwaukee area and hoping you could tell me who your doctor was. Happy to hear it worked well for you!
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