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Doing Fine and Look Younger

I had Radiesse injected because I have a long face...

I had Radiesse injected because I have a long face and my drooping mouth made me look like I was always frowning. The shots were quite painful even with the anesthetic but that really did not bother me. I am 53 years old. I look alot better and as a result feel better! I don't look eternally sad and it has boosted my self-confidence which was my goal since I am an entertainer. The same doctor gave me liposuction which did cause a little lumpiness as people say but I think the entire thing was terrific and it changed my life!


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Would you mind telling me which dr you went to? I live in Chicago,and am looking for someone who has given a lot of injections for this, not someone who does it to make more money for his practice. Thanks.
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Dr. Rudolph Dolezal

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