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The first time I received Radiesse for naslabial folds - Mixed Results - Los Angeles, CA

The first time I received Radiesse for naslabial...

The first time I received Radiesse for naslabial folds, it wasn't bad. It did look a bit strange when I smiled, and I could see the material, however it did fill out the folds somewhat. The results lasted about 6 months. I had a second treatment done 8 months later, the doctor saying that he was using a slightly different technique so I wouldn't see the solid line of material. Right afterwards I saw that one side was quite lumpy & he said not to touch it, that the swelling would go away in a few days. When the swelling did subside, I had lumps on that one side of my face for about 4 months which were quite noticeable. Even in photos you could see that there was something strange and it gave me kind of a crooked smile. Thank god it's disappeared after 6 months. I am choosing never to use Radiesse again for the nasolabial folds, however I still would like to find something which would do the trick, without being so obvious, and freaky looking. I'm seeing that Juvederm has a softer look and feel, but doesn't last as long & may not be suitable for the deep folds? I'm thinking about looking into fat injections instead, as I hear it's a more natural approach, and lasts longer. I'm reading up on this Artefille, but I'm super afraid to have that kind of result which would be permanent... Any ideas?

I wouldn't use Artefille or you could have a crooked smile forever and have read it can cause infections years later plus it releases something like 6 million small beads which would be impossible to remove. I think a better doctor should be used for your Radiesse.
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