Radiesse, Lumpy Lips

I had Radiesse injections for lip enhancement and...

I had Radiesse injections for lip enhancement and facial folds three weeks ago, and I have a large nodule inside my mouth and lots of smaller ones. It also looks like I am getting some lumpiness from the outside. The manufacturer website says they DONT RECOMMEND FOR LIPS! So why do doctors use it? I am so mad. I have an appointment to have the big nodule cut out next week, And the worst part is they say this can last for YEARS! Anyone else out there with the same experience? Did the nodules go away or diminish over time? It seems like it is working ok for the nasolabial lines although my face feels rubbery underneath.


I am curious how you are doing now. I had ReDexis (Radiesse family)in my lips back in '05 & have the same problem. I have had the bumps injected w/ cortizone several times & has helped a little, but it started causing dents & discoloration in my skin so I stopped. I am scared about getting older & skin thinning & looking worse. I was told I could get it cut out, but I have so many! :(

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I just had my radiuses today for my smile lines. So far,
I still feel lump on my cheeks. Dr. Yew said it will take 3-4 days to recover. As far as I'm concerned, Radiusses is Not recommended for lips as it's too thick to be absorb on the lips. Can you share the name of the dr? Hope u feel better now.
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Hi Chula, I also live in Honolulu, Hi and have had my first Radiesse treatment a couple of days ago but not in the lips, and so far it looks fine. But wanted to ask you how your lips look now, have the lumps softened up yet? Could you possibley send me a "PM" and let me know the name of the doctor who injected you? I am really curious, as I have been doctor shopping a lot, to find the best at injecting fillers. I actually would love to try "Artefill" but am way too scared.
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