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Radiesse - no improvement - Seattle, WA

I had radiesse hoping to add volume to my...

I had radiesse hoping to add volume to my middface.

It has been 2 weeks, not only I see no improvement,I developed problems,so far I have indentation under my left eye ,lumps  and dark circle under my right eye.Also from my cheekbones and middface where product was injected,it descended down to nasolabial folds which is prominent now,makes me look mich older.

What is next ?

Judy - did you have botox at the same time as the Radiesse?
i have the same problems....it has been two months, and pretty much it has ruined my face. I am left with dark hollows under my eyes which i never had....and the radiesse in my cheeks dropped to my jowl area so i am lumpy and saggy there now, which i never was and look about 10 years older. I am going to a very good derm next week to fill my undereyes and help even out my entire face. It was not the radiesse, it is all the fault of the injector, as i have had radiesse numerous times. This is what i get for going to a doctor that i did not research and was saving me some money. What a fool, i have learned my lesson.
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It is not a doctor,it is a product.

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