I had a National trainer (she trains plastic...

I had a National trainer (she trains plastic surgeons) do the injections. Step one she numbed me with injections--very smooth only felt a little pinch. Then she started injecting me with Radiesse on nasal folds and also on upper cheeks. I initially went in for just nasal fold but she noticed that one side of my face was uneven (this is due to previous bad plastic surgery a mid face lift)when she was finished and I looked in the mirror and I was amazed because I looked about 7 or 8 years younger--I looked rested and my deep lines were gone!!I am on my 4th day and I can't stop looking at my self--I hope that on me it last 1 year. I can see myself getting addicted to this GREAT product! It is important to have an expert inject this product--they need to massage the face as they inject. I got a little bruise on one side and felt a little itching for 2 days.
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