Don't Do It!!!

Don't do it! Or make sure the person providing...

Don't do it! Or make sure the person providing the torture knows what he/she is doing. I went in for a consultation and came out bruised, battered and deformed!

Don't let them touch your lips with the stuff. At a follow-up appointment I asked the aesthetician if the swelling would go away. She asked me what had been used, and I told her Radiesse. She promptly told me that it should not have been used on my lips. I didn't even want me lips touched but the doctor seemed to think that was what I needed to get desired results--all I wanted was a skin resurfacing which would have been about $1000 less.

I feel like a lamb that was led to slaughter. On top of that, he did not tell me the cost until after he had performed the procedure--my fault for being stupid!!! Now I have to find a plastic surgeon who can remove it hopefully. Don't do it!!!!


I am doing much better. It is gradually going away. I don't look so deformed. I would never do it again even if I was sure the doctor knew what he was doing. I tried to get a plastic surgeon to remove it but he didn't want to and told me to wait a few months. I do feel better about it now and only time will tell if it goes away completely. What a very expensive mistake! Good Luck! I hope things are better for you in a couple of months.
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i month ago i had radiesse put under my eyes its a disaster,,,they say it will go away eventually.. can you tell me how your doing 4 monthes later?
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