Cheek Bones At Last...

I wanted cheekbones. I have a thin face and thin...

I wanted cheekbones. I have a thin face and thin skin. I'm 47 and never had good bones really.

The Radiesse has given me the most natural cheek bones. It looks like I've had implants. It's lifted my whole face. I could not be more pleased. I tried Perlane before but the results were no-where as good as Radiesse.

I had some swelling which went overnight and minimal brusing and not a lump in sight. I am thrilled.


who is your doctor? i need the same thing!
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How was the product injected, please? Intra-orally or superficially? Thank you.
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Pasadena Facial Plastic Surgeon

Very approachable. Highly qualified. A real eye for contouring.

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