Radiesse Helped Fill in Sunken Cheeks

I am 48 and tall and quite thin. For the last...

I am 48 and tall and quite thin. For the last year people have been commenting more and more on how thin I am. Although my weight hasn't changed, the area under my checks was starting to look "sucked in". Also note that even with this, I look young for my age (late 30's to early 40's) and have very few wrinkles. So, after much hesitation and quite a bit of research I decided to get some radiesse to plump up the area. I went to my dermatologist who I have seen for years and like because he is on the conservative side. He suggested either Radiesse or Sculptra and ultimately I decided to start with Radiesse because often you only need one treatment, although it doesn't last as long as Sculptra. I didn't think he would mess up but it also made me feel more comfortable that Radiesse is reversable (with another injection of a chemical which breaks it down).

He used 2 syringes and injected into the area below my check bone and top of my mouth and also a bit higher on the check and near the circles of my eyes (which were slightly depressed). I just had it done a few hours ago and I am slightly swollen and a bruise is already starting to form -- but I expect this to be gone in 2 - 4 days. I am already happy w/ the results. Mainly because it achieved my goal but it is very subtle. I am sure no one will notice that "I did" something, yet my cheek is a bit higher and the sunkeness is gone. I will write again in a week ago to let folks know how I feel about it then.


Echoing the last person's comment, I to would love an update. Also if you could recommend your doctor, I'd really appreciate it: cyke250 (at) yahoo.com. Congrats on the successful procedure!
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TO the guest from San Mateo- I would love to hear your progress, as you sound just like me. I plan to have Radiesse done at the end of May. Thanks for any updates. Shellseeker25
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Finally had Radiesse after prolonged decision, and I was satisfied with the results. I did bruised and it's still there after 11 days, but not quite as visible. I had Radiesse to fill in my sunken cheeks and now I look more refreshed and vibrant!!! My long-time practitioner didn't do a drastic approach so that it wouldn't look so obviously done:) She only used one syringe and that did the work. I'm going back in 6 wks. since our face is not symetrical, I'm going to have the right side fill in a little; it wasn't visible after the initial inj. so you couldn't tell right away due to the swelling, but now I noticed a slight difference, so I'm having that filled in. I love Radiesse and I'm glad I didn't use juvederm instead:)
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