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Radiesse Has Given my Face an Uneven Look

Radiesse is quite unforgiving. If it is at all...

Radiesse is quite unforgiving. If it is at all overdone or injected unevenly, it shows. To make matters worse, it takes a long time to disappear unlike restylane or juvederm, which can be eliminated if the patient is displeased.

I had it done to conceal the hollows forming in my cheeks. I now seem to have implants on the upper part of my cheeks, and the hollows below are more pronounced.

I definitely do not recommend it.

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Not for this particular procedure. She's great with botox.

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Actually I just read this post and just scheduled my appointment with EM, I am going to cancel after reading this review for Radiesse
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lumpy radiesse-so uncomfortable-feels like balls in the nasal labial folds and smile is now crocked as uneven amt was injected.
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Initials EM. She is actually quite good. I think that if I had to do it over again, I would use less (I used 2 syringes). It's better to do it gradually, since radiesse cannot be undone. Also, make sure you massage a lot the area the first few days. The swelling subsides after a few days. Don't put it under the eyes.
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Thank you, Laurie... she is the Dr. I went to see and tried to talk me into the Radiesse... I will definitely NOT be going back. I am hoping that your problem is diminishing and you are feeling more comofortable. Thank you for taking the time to answer me. Lizanne
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Laurie, I am in Westport Ct.....can you give me the INITIALS ONLY of the dr. you used? I went for a consulation today in Westport and the Dr. tried to talk me into injecting Radiesse. I'm having second thoughts after reading the reviews.
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