I have had Restylane, Perlane and Juvéderm - Fabulous Result - North Vancouver, BC

I had Radiesse in my N/L folds yesterday. I have...

I had Radiesse in my N/L folds yesterday. I have had Restylane, Perlane and Juvéderm injected into them previously but the deep cleft never truly "filled" and the fillers disappeared in three months. I have also had fat injections, which lasted two weeks. The doctor who performed the procedure is new to me in terms of where I normally have my folds "done" but had an excellent reputation. I felt very little pain (just a topical freezing cream used) and I am extremely sensitive. After the procedure, there were a few bumps that fully disappeared this morning. My folds are now smooth, not bruised at all, and I'm ecstatic. I hope it lasts for longer than three months.

Afterglow Medical Spa

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Appreciate you sharing your experience. I am hoping you can supply Dr name?
Thank you
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Can you send me the name of the doctor? Are you still happy with the results?
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Hi Antonia, The name of the doctor has been edited out from your response on the forum? Could you please send it to me directly. How long has it been since your $450 treatment with Radiesse and...are you still pleased? Thank you, Robin, Loxleyguy@gmail.com
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Hi Antonia, Thanks for sharing your personal experience. As I also live in Vancouver and have been wanting to fill my NHL folds with Radiesse, it would be grateful if you could please tell me where did you get the Radiesse injection?
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Hi Krystal, Sorry to be so late responding! I went to {doctor information shown above} was excellent in all respects. Best! Antonia :)

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hi ni nhave joined the site for free..may i have the name of the doctor please? thank you
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