DID NOT WORK! In 3-4 Weeks, Absorbed "7" Syringes for Cheek Augmentation & Nasolabial Line Filler

I was looking for a non-surgical, INEXPENSIVE...

I was looking for a non-surgical, INEXPENSIVE solution to filling nasolabial lines and cheek augmentation.

I spent over $4,000 for seven "7" Radiesse syringes hoping that it would last AS ADVERTISED up to 9 months. However, I ended up back at baseline, like a flat tire, after 3-4 weeks because my body totally absorbed the product. It looks like I never even had the injections! Also, there is NO RECOURSE to getting your money back should you be one of the unlucky patients that absorbes Radiesse.

Botox is only supposed to last about 4-5 months, yet even my two small Botox injections, from another doctor, last about 7-8 months the very first time I purchased Botox! So clearly, I am not a patient that absorbs all fillers.

I would LOVE TO KNOW what you did that it dissolved so fast. . . I HATE my result and will do anything to get rid of it. ANY ANY CLUES ??? ANY ?????? Please??
Sounds like your dr. might've injected too deeply. So, in that case, it would be the injector, not the product, that's at fault. In any case, I wish both drs. and filler manufacturers would offer some sort of guarantee when a patient is legitimately dissatisfied with his/her results (keeping in mind that some people will have unrealistic expectations and never be satisfied). So if both dr. and patient agree the results are sub-par, the manufacturer and dr. should provide a correction on their own dime.
Sorry to hear about your bad experience. It is indeed an awful lot of money. I am a facial plastic surgeon, and I actually do not do Radiesse injections, because I prefer other products. However, it seems really unusual to dissolve such a large amount of filler in such short time. I would go back to your doctor and discuss this. Usually the doctors want happy patients and so do the product companies. Occasionally in a case like yours, the company will work with your doctor to reimburse you or provide additional treatment for you at no charge.
Dallas Dermatologist

Even though Dr. Mary Hurley is listed as one of the top qualified and reputable dermatologists in Dallas, I would NOT recommend her b/c she did NOT communicate ALL the pros & cons of Radiesse. Even though absorption within a month is rare, it was NOT communicated up front as a possibility and it should have been since it cost $4,000. Also, Dr. Hurley did not tell me the money that I spent was NON-Refundable.

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