Coused BIG Lumps! Hard Yellow Calcium Chuncks on my Lips! Had Local Surgery to Try to Remove Some of Them.

On January 2007 Rediesse was recomended by a...

On January 2007 Rediesse was recomended by a plastic surgent to fill smoking wrinkle lines above the upper lip, to inlarge the lips and emphasis the lipline.
couple of weeks after the injection, small lumps started to appear on my lips, with in less then a month they turned into BIG YELLOW UGLY looking CHUNCKS who looked like PUS but were hard. had to get a local surgery to remove only what they could get out. still have some of them. since, my limps are NOT smooth as before.

Radiesse is not recommended for smokers lines and lips. It is recommended for areas that need to have volume restored and should be injected deeper than other fillers. Juvederm is more suitable for lips and liplines.
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