Radiesse in Cheeks for Tear Troughs for 25 Yr Old - Love It!!!

At the age of 23 I began developing pronounced...

At the age of 23 I began developing pronounced tear troughs due to bags under my eyes (genetic for me) and very flat cheeks (which have always been flat).  After taking pictures my board certified plastic surgeon with 20 years expirence with injections suggested radiesse injections in my cheeks. After looking at impressive before and after pictues I decided to go threw with it.  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS I WOKE UP THIS MORNING WITH NO BAGS AND NO TEAR TROUGHS.  I said I wanted it to look natural - no one has noticed or said anything yet.  However I think it drastically imporoves my appearence. 

After much research on all injectables and proceedures this is why I think my expirnece was soooooo great - As you may be I was terrified about a bad outcome.

1. My surgeon was board certified with 20 years of expierence with injections.

2 . RECOVERY IS LUCK - I am not a bruiser, and I was careful about not taking vit E, omega 3, or asprin/ibrophine and as luck would have it I got almost no bruising.  Also I have a freakishly high paintolerance.  I would rate my breast augmentation as mild pain.  

3.  I let the plastic surgeon choose for me.  Trust me an EXPIERNCED plastic surgan WILL know better than you no matter how much research you do.  Origionally I wanted injections into my tear troughs to fill them out, I am so glad that is not what I did, I had no idea how good I would look with cheeks or that cheeks would fix my tear troughs.  


I totally agree with you. First I went to an awesome clinic in San Francisco (with hundreds of great YELP reviews) filled with RN's but they have been doing different fillers (radiesse) for years. My cheekbones were high to start, but afterwards everyone thought I was from a soap opera. Not sure if it is good or bad, but I love the beautiful cheekbones. However, when I turned 34 years old I started noticing hollowness in my under my eyes. So I went to the best surgeon in SF and he gave me a wonderful, yet SOOO expensive tear trough. However, a few months after I was in the worst car accident. And my face was so bruised/swollen and the tear trough part turned black wear it was hit about 4 months after when it was supposed to be healed. So i don't know if this is common or not but I had this permanent black eye on my left side (the side that had been perfection). Anyway, I also noticed the radiesse was fading....This was a year later. It lasts sooo long. And the clinic I go to it is only $400 in San Francisco (Union Square)-wine and all. I had the radiesse done today. I look beautiful again and my eyes are evened out. It would be hard for me to pay for the tear trough surgery again when he charges so much. I am so happy with the radiesse. It is the most wonderful filler. I never need botox around the crow's feet area because it fills it. I love staring at my cheekbones, which have evened with under my eyes. $400 a year to look young, everyone thinks I am 26. Such a bargain.
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Can you give me the name of the place in San Francisco where you went?


Montana Facial Plastic Surgeon

board certified plastic surgeon with 20 years of expierence with injections.

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