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Radiesse in Cheeks - Love It!

I received radiesse injections in my cheeks...

I received radiesse injections in my cheeks yesterday and it was totally worth it! I have cheekbones now! The effect is subtle and I think totally natural. I'm fair-skinned and I had no bruising and very little swelling.

As the good doctor said, it's all in the technique. He did an advanced technique where he threaded the radiesse deep into my skin by going through my mouth and then molding it into place. It sounds painful, but he numbed my gum area and it was very tolerable.


I have been getting Radiesse injections in the cheeks and nasolabial area for about 4 years and liked the results. However, I also noticed that for the last couple of years I have been having increased joint's pain, significant fatigue (sleepy all the time, I am driving to the food store and thinking about how much I would like to be sleeping in my bed). I had pain in the fingers of both hands, in particular in the thumbs, also strong pain in my right elbow for about 6 months, and pain in my feet upon getting up from bed in the mornings. I had been attributing all these problems to starting menopause. What made me shift my suspicions to another direction is when I did not get the Radiesse injections after 3 months the way I had been doing for the last few years, but instead I had it about 7 months after the last injection. Well, for the first time in months, or maybe even in a couple of years, I had no feet or joints pain, no fatigue, no constant sleepingness, the weekness in my elbows went away. I have also researching on side effects of dermal fillers, and found a lot of literature about autoimmune problems related to these types of products. I wonder if this is a coincidence, I wonder if I am the only one who suspects that the dermal filler I am using may be responsible for my joints pain and my fatigue. I just had another injection done a few days ago after that 7-month pause and I fear that all the problems will come back, even though my cheeks look good...
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who was the doctor you used?
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A really good one I trust completely in Houston. I do not know weather or not to mention his name, but he is a wonderful plastic surgeon with a great reputation.
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Excellent reputation and uses current technology and techniques

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