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Dr. S merely gave me sound advice based on a photo...

Dr. S merely gave me sound advice based on a photo. I appreciate that he took the time to do this in the manner that he did.


I agree. I posted my photo online for Dr advice because when I went in for consultations, I received different advice on what would work best. I appreciate Dr. S. taking the time to respond and giving me honest advice...even though I don't like to hear how much work I actually need to have done.
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I wanted to comment because I had the exact same experience- my face was also swollen and 'jowly' after Radiesse. I had it injected in the marionette lines at the side of my nose and mouth. For almost 2 weeks my lower cheeks looked puffy and 'jowly' but eventually it went down and now everything looks good. This was the first time I had Radiesse, previously I've had Restalyne which isn't as thick and doesn't cause as much swelling or take as long for the swelling to subside. So now I know and won't be as freaked out if I ever decide to do this again.
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Thank you, Dr. S, for your thoughtful input regarding my disappointment after Radiesse. You were both respectful and gentle... and most importantly honest. Thank you again.

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