Radiesse and Steroid Shot Ruined my Tissue in Nose

Had a non surgical procedure on my nose with...

Had a non surgical procedure on my nose with radiesse in attempts to correct a flat wide nose with big nostrils. Doctor put a lot of radiesse on tip to try to lift up the nose but it went down and made my nose look twice as big!

Came back and he put steroid shot in my nose to bring down the radiesse. That left my nose looking even wierder with indentions and extrusions because my scar tissue and cartilage on my nose tip thinned out and didn't support it.

It shifts around my nose and then a year later I got a nostril reduction with another doctor and he took out too much on one side and not enough on the other side so my nose tip looks shifted like there is a ball on my tip. I need a doctor who can fix this please help. My nose also has depressions.

I'm freaking out because I just had a nonsurgical nose job done and i wanted to remove some from the bridge. The doctor gave me a heavy dose of a steroid shot yesterday. I already see the loss of pigmentation and my skin thinning out. Can you tell me how long you saw the effects of the steroid shot? Did it contnue to get worse? What did you end up doing? Please help... I'm so distressed right now.
Dr. Rivkin for non surgical and Dr. Nassif for nostril reduction

Please be careful with non surgical nose jobs they are not worth it. they are temporary and can leave your tissue in your nose thinned out. I also had a nostril reduction with another doctor and he also left my nostril uneven.

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