I Am Absolutely Amazed...

I am amazed. I am two weeks post. Understanding...

I am amazed. I am two weeks post. Understanding results will improve over the next four weeks. I was a Bleth candidate before and now I feel I will be able to push my surgery date back a few years. I use a professional skin care line, MODUS and have faithfully for two years. My skin is in optimal shape, but the genetic issues were still an issue. With Radiage, I would like to say it's like the clock is set back five years. My skin is beautiful and now with Radiage, my entire face is looking completely rejuvenated. The science behind both techniques is thorough and impressive; the results in photographs is even more so.
Radiage has now been FDA approved and is now called Peleve'. I provide the procedure in Punta Gorda, FL and train doctors regionally. It does deliver contiuous RF energy to the effective temperatures without pain by ramping up slowly rather than pulsing.I performed infrared images in my office and proved it gets to temperature and doesn't burn fat.
I had a phenol chemical peel about 3 or 4 years ago, and my face is like a newborns. I had v-beam laser about a year later for rosacea and experienced an immediate high-inflammatory response (dermatologist's words) which turned my face red but no adverse complications. The dermatologist continued my treatment without problems. It halted my rosacea and diminished some scarring from the peel (chin) and rosacea. Am I a candidate for this treatment? How do I find a qualified doc in my area?
There is no surface contraindication for Pelleveexcept for open wounds or active ski infection. The superficial collagen generated by your prior treatments is much thinner and not attached to deep tissue bands that are affected by Pelleve. Because it is heated gradually and not pulsed, there is no pain or risk of burn. Active areas of psoriasis would be avoided. Pelleve.com should have a physician finder. The closest I know is in Manhattan.
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