My Butt Looks Perky on the Upper Side and Saggy on the Lower One - Rabat, Morocco

I am very concerned I had this done in Morocco .....

I am very concerned I had this done in Morocco .. my butt was flat and i wanted it to be round.. I got in 300 cc on each cheek ... I am only 5 days post op .. but when I stand up you see that my butt is like divided into two parts.. its perky on the upper part and saggy on the lower.. i think that the implant was placed tooo high up ... my surgron said that once the inflation decreases i will see the real results and that this will change.. i really dont see how :( what should i do ? anyone went through this before ?

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It does look like the implants are placed high. I would get a 2nd opinion or even ask a dr in the ask a dr section on here. I'm sorry you're having to go through this:(
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No, unfortunately that won't go away. I am dealing with the same issue and so much more. My doctor picked a round implant for me, and it wasn't the correct choice. I have a longer butt and an anatomical shape implant would have been the best choice. Your implant isn't going to move down and fill in the flatness at the bottom. The only way to take care of that is either, get new implants or fat injections to fill in the indent. I'm sorry you are going through that. I'm in the process of scheduling another surgery with a different surgeon to correct mine.
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I Had mine done by dr. Marlon O. Lajo of Manila , Philippines . Also my friend's butt was also done by dr . Marlon Lajo . Were are very satisfied with our butt augmentation.. He he. . The round implant Dr. Lajo used perfectly fits my butt Andy friends . But Each of us paid 4000 US dollar . He also mentioned that he did one to a big tall girl ( same girl , I think it was Margaret who rated dr. Lajo) and resulted to one like yours dr . Lajo himself was not satisfied with result . . He actually replaced it with really big butt implants just this February . .i think they look better now . Big implants are rarely available here I think . He had to personally ordered them. Dr. Lajo doesn't like doing fat transplant for butt because he told me that the results are very unpredictable and difficult to do retouch .
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

I'm sorry it's not going as planned. We do have an Ask a Doctor feature, that may be helpful. Just submit your question and it gets sent to board certified doctors to provide their opinions.

Please do keep us updated with your progress and let us know how your recovery is going.
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