100% Happy Wih my New Nose!!!! - Quezon City, Philippines

100% happy with my goretext implant!!!!! Yes,...

100% happy with my goretext implant!!!!!
Yes, it's almost double the price of silicone but it's worth it. It's safe, worry-free and rejection-free. I don't have to worry about replacing it and undergoing another surgery after a couple of years because I'm sure that what's inside my nose can last a lifetime. And what I love the most about my nose is how it looks. My nose is so beautiful! SO natural that even my parents didn't recognize I had it done. It has a bit of a curve and bears a very soft and natural appearance as if I'm born with it. No one believes me when I tell them I had a noselift. You don't have to believe me - just see me in person to find out how beautiful and natural-looking my new nose is. If you're seriously considering to have a noselift, I can refer you to the doctor who did me.

Hi there! I'm planning to have a rhinoplasty. I'm really glad you're happy with your procedure. May I please ask who your surgeon is and where? Thank you in advance!
hi. its nice to hear you are pleased with your rhinoplasty procedure. i wanna ask who you doctor was and where you had the surgery. thanks.
Hi there Yong28!
I'm very happy that it turned out just fine for you. Ill be visiting Pinas in June and it would be so helpful of you if you could tell me the name of the doctor that did your nose??

And also could you email me before and after pictures of your nose?
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