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I am 42 year old with a 21 year old son. My...

I am 42 year old with a 21 year old son. My biggest wish is to be able to go to the beach wearing a beautiful red bikini which I haven't done it since I had my son (21 years ago). After having a cesarean the Doctor who did my operation (not in Australia) told me that he had to do a vertical cut in my belly because my bb was in the wrong position (sitting position) and that after a while my tummy will be back to normal. I have been waiting for 21 years for that to happen but I have realized the only way to do it is getting a TT. I have been searching for surgeons in Australia (I am in QLD) but prices are very high ($10K - 11K).
A local doctor told me that I am a candidate for a mini tummy tuck which I was happy with that regarding to the scar length after healing which will be much smaller than a full tummy tuck.
I know this operation will improve my body shape and most importantly my self confidence.
I have also being looking for overseas clinics but I am not too confident about this option.
Can anyone recommend a good surgeon for my TT in Australia or overseas.
Thanks a lot..
Bikini dreamer


Based on your pictures and history, I think you will have a great outcome with tummy tuck surgery. A mini tummy tuck operation however will not suffice; chances are you will be displeased with the outcome. Please make sure that you educate yourself about the different options available and the pros/cons associated with each option. You will find a lot of information on this website. Best wishes.
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Thanks for yoir advices. I'll take the advice. There will always be different opinions & options to consider but most importantly is to choose the one with the best results. :-)
I'm very realistic about my expectations. my stomach has never been perfect and this won't make it perfect either :) its all good. I don't know if you would be overly 'pleased' with just a mini either...especially for dollar value...but it depends what you want. Get your surgeon to show you pictures of how YOUR stomach should turn out with what he suggests. Otherwise, yah, I might 'shop around' a little too :) either way...I'm stoked for you. My son is nearly 15 and I hear wear a cute little suit would be nice ^^
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