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5 Days After First Botox and I Have a Few Concerns

I am 39 and heading to Italy with my husband and...

I am 39 and heading to Italy with my husband and our best friends for my 40th birthday in a couple of weeks. It took a year for me to make my my up to have Botox and I used a dermatologist with 9 years botox experience who was also recommended by friends. It was quick and painless to have the needles and I was happy and confident. I had 16 units in my very prominent 11's and 8 units on each of the pointy area on the cheekbones for mild but annoying crows feet. The thing I noticed immediately was a headache that is still there. I had trouble sleeping for the 1st two nights and my head still feels heavy. The biggest concern however is that I have panda eyes! They have strong dark circles under them and are slightly hooded from a heavy brow. I look really tired and I have a foggy brain. I'm not prone to circles under my eyes so my husband and friends have noticed.

Today I contacted the clinic and unfortunately the receptionist decided to offer me her infinite wisdom. She asked me if I had eaten anything different???? After I firmly told her that I am not an idiot etc.. she told me to come in straight away which I did. The doctor was lovely, thank goodness and told me I was definately having a mild reaction to the Botox and should start to feel better within a couple of days as he felt that 7 days was when I would really start to see better results. He admitted that he had had somone else with a similar experience before but that it was extremely rare. He also said he felt confident that the dark puffy circles would be gone within the week and encouraged me to drink plenty of water and gets lots of sleep so here's hoping that I will end up looking fresh for my birthday instead of tired.

I am wondering however if anyone else actually looked worse after they had botox and then improved within the next week or two? Reading the forum, it seems as though I could be stuck witht this haggard look until the stuff wears off!

I have been getting Botox for about 14 years and I love it. It is a treat that I do for myself twice a year. I would rather have Botox done than a new dress. I have always had very little amounts injected. Nothing drastic. I tell my doctor how much I want in each area. Mainly because it depends on how much I can afford.I am glad that I could'nt afford a lot cause I now realize that my look is a lot less noticeable.I am now 57 and most people guess my age around 43.
Dianaw, I was considering the same thing...just having a limited amount of units injected, so the look wouldn't be drastic, but how did you determine how much you wanted used for each area? This would be my first time having Botox, so I'm not sure what I should ask for, or whether I should just go with the doctor's recommendation. Any advice would be appreciated! (I'm 39.)
Oh hey Sharon, I'm a Sharon too! My headache seems to be gone this morning (day 6) Yay! My dark circles are still there though. I have a huge awards night to attend tomorrow night for my work and I just cant get excited about it cos I feel really old in my face. I'm trying to be optimistic which is my nature but I'm a little bummed about it. I have read alot of the Doctors advice in this forum and it bothers me that they are constantly referring to problems as "just temporary" and "not permanent" and my favourite, "it'll wear off in 4-6 months". 4 to 6 months will seem like and eternity to me if this is my new look and a major depression could occur easily in that time. I dont like flippancy when you are talking about a persons face. Thanks for your kind response
Dr Khor, Nirvana Skin Centre

He is very experienced and didnt shrug me off when I had concerns. He seems very genuine and admitted that I am not the 1st to have this reaction. He also agreed to meet my budget when we discussed the quote.

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