Clear Correct is HORRIBLE Stay Away - WASTE OF MONEY - Queens Village, NY

I used clear correct for a year. Did everything I...

I used clear correct for a year. Did everything I was told to do. Just finished my trays after a year. Nothing changed. Worst company ever - I just found out they are going out of business or about to because no orthos will use them. STAY AWAY from this company. Trust me. I wasted time doing this and should have used another company

Please update us nyc steph.. you did put your city so maybe that is how Clear correct had an idea. Did Clear correct solve your issue after thousands of dollars were spent??? I see they replied several times..
Hi nycsteph, I searched our database for any patients in the state of New York with a name similar to “steph” whose cases have completed in the last year. None of the results matched a patient who was in treatment for the length of time you described, nor whom we have not already received good feedback from. If we had known about this situation we could have worked with your doctor to see what might have been causing this and come up with a new treatment plan that would better meet your case’s specific needs. Best, Sarah Bircher
Why dont you email me so we can discuss? In the meantime I am putting together a certified letter to send to your company , and you will see all the details of my case.
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It has nothing to do with the provider. He is amazing. It has everything to do with this company - they stink beyond words

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