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I had thermage done 2 years ago and it did not...

I had thermage done 2 years ago and it did not hurt at all. I felt the warmth when it was applied to my face, but it was actually a very comfortable temperature. The whole procedure was comfortable and nice. and I saw results right on the spot! I got up and cleaned my face from the cooling gel and saw my face up-lifted. I was 37 at the time. The result continues to show and last 2 years.

3 days ago, I went under ultherapy. I did not get thermage this time only because the clinic that I had done thermage before stop doing thermage and told me that ultherapy is the new technology and thermage is out. After searching online, I decided to try the "new and better" technology with another doctor closer to where I live.

ULTHERAPY IS PAINFUL. Way too painful. I have high pain tolerance (I gave labor to my daughter without any pain med, and thermage felt nothing) but ultherapy made me moan and "jumped". It felt like electric shocks that burns. I begged my doctor to lower it's power but he threaten that the result won't be good. I regretted with every pulse. Right there, I knew I will never return for ultherapy again!

What's better? several areas on my face have nerve damages. They are still numb to the touch, and the areas on my corner forehead extends the numbness to my scalp! Regardless the nerve damages are temporary or not, I am extremely unhappy. Not only I didn't not see the same result as I did from thermage, it was painful as hell. I felt I was being punished by my doctor for spending a good $2600 for a full face ultherapy.

Ladies, do not get it. if you can find someone does thermage, do it. I would let myself grow old if there's no other choice than ultherapy


I have several friends who had Thermage and not one of them could see any difference. I have four friends who have had Ultratherapy and all of them have a noticeable change in their appearance. However, the pain factor was "up there" for all of them. In fact, I am the only one who thought it was bearable (after two Vicodin). Megan, Heidi says she had it done three days ago. It takes 3 -6 months on average to see results. Same for Thermage.
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That's really odd! For me, at least at this point (4 days from getting the ultherapy), thermage is way better. I hope I will be able to see GREAT results since I was already so satisfied with thermage's results.

I am begining to think my doctor had applied too much energy to my skin because the pain is so unbearable AND I had several areas nerve damages on my face. Maybe because I praised about thermage so much and that it was painless for me, he then took it to the extreme. That's why I said I felt like being "punished" by my doctor. I know he could adjust the level of energy lower and go over the same area a couple times more (that's what my doctor who performed the thermage did), but I guess he was rushing it because he has another patient waiting to get ultherapy done too. My appointment was at 10:45am but he didn't start treatment on me until almost 2pm!!

BTW, I did not get any type of numbing cream on my face for thermage. I only had cooling gels and I did not feel any pain at all. I did see immediate results (better than what I saw after the ultherapy was done). While everyone are saying ultherapy is better, I just don't see how?

Anyone else had both thermage and ultherapy done before?

I, too, had both Thermage (2 years ago) and Ultherapy (1 week ago). With Thermage, I had numbing cream slathered on my face for quite sometime and was medicated with Vicodin. I found the Ultherapy treatment much easier to tolerate. That said, prior to Ultherapy, my practitioner premedicated me with 5mg of Valium and 800mg of ibuprofen. She also gave me nerve block injections in my face along with local anesthetic for my neck as she knew Ultherapy can be painful. I also was given a handheld cool air blower so that I could direct the flow to the area of treatment. Combined, all the modalities allowed me to tolerate every part of the treatment with minimal discomfort and/or pain. I had some areas of numbness as this is a side effect and continue to experience mild numbness today which I expect to resolve completely. I also had a couple of welts and moderate to severe facial swelling the following day but no bruising. I don't see any improvement yet but do not expect to for three months. She told me that many of their clients first realize improvements at 30 days post procedure. This office still offers Thermage but I opted for the newer and better technology. At this point, I am hopeful but only time will tell.

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