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I am 26 years old, I live in Queens, NY.. I am...

I am 26 years old, I live in Queens, NY.. I am going for my smart lipo in 4 days. I weigh 140 and I am 5'3. After exercising I am always able to reach my goal weight but my stomach is never where I want it to be. My goal weight right now is 130, my weight always goes up and down. My weight is up right now because I have been going out to eat & drinking with my friends a lot and i barely eat in the house. Anyway, I want to get the smart lipo so it can be a kick start, and I will work out to keep it flat and keep my weight down. I plan on eating much healthier and after paying so much money for this procedure I will be stupid to go back to eating bad. But, I will keep you guys posted and I will send pictures of my stomach before I go in for my smart lipo on Friday.. Wish me luck! I'm super scared though..!

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Is there anyway u can in box me on how it went.. And what were the fees like I am very interested in experiencing smart loop. Thank youuuu
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Hey Nicole, how did it go?!!
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I still haven't heard from anybody. lol. Everything is going good. Hair removal has been started.. Grtn lower areas done next week.
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I hope it went well!!
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Hi there, I hope your surgery went well! Please let us know how you're doing!

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good luck!!!!

Post pics!!
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BTM: How do you think the RealSelf people pick who they respond to. I haven't heard boo from anyone.
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Hi Kaidc,

Please accept my apologies for the lack of contact. We try and contact every user within our particular communities. Sometimes we don't get to everyone as quickly as we would like to.

I've read your review and it sounds like you had quite an experience! You can definitely see a change, although I realise it's not as much of a change as you had wanted.

Please know that the community managers are always around, should you ever need anything and your feedback is always appreciated. We're not perfect but we'll keep listening and keep trying!

I hope you enjoyed Trindad!


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