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ipl hair removal-good experience - Ile-Perrot, QC

I have had IPL hair removal done on my face and...

I have had IPL hair removal done on my face and the results have been great so far. I have already noticed about a 50% improvement with just a few treatments. I am going to soon be doing my whole body!

The cost is about $40/visit for a small area like the face and if you ask them to make you a price for several areas of the body you can get discounts. I have had no burning of the skin.

Perhaps some of the bad reviews are from people who expose their skin to sun before and after the treatment, or the pulsed light is too strong for a first visit. So far I am a very happy client and it is almost painless. Well worth it if you do all the treatments and you do them every 6 weeks.


Hi Mylaser,

That's awesome it is only $40 a visit, I always thought it was so much more. That is great info about sun damage, I never thought about that. I'm glad it turned out so well and painless, I always hear the opposite, so that's good to hear. What made you decide on this over laser hair removal. 

Thank you!


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