I've been thinking about undergoing liposuction...

I've been thinking about undergoing liposuction for most of this year. This is on a background of trying multiple procedures from wraps/ultrasound/etc. I've always carried my fat around my thighs and stomach and have struggled with weight issues in my teenage years. Now I've found a good balance and understand my body more. I'm good at maintaining my weight and know more about diet and exercise. But I still have my chunky bits, which I feel would help me with my lack of self confidence. I just want to feel comfortable in a bikini!
What made me want to share my thoughts is my wavering mind. I want to make sure I'm making the right decision considering how much money it costs and potential complications that could happen. And since I've never had any sedation ever, it's a big decision to make considering this is an elective procedure.
Wondering what people think of my photos too? Am I a good candidate, anyone else have a similar body shape etc
Hi there! Had tickle lipo 2.5 was ago. I think you should just do abs and flanks for much less $$ you look fine now! For me I have legs like yours, but I'm happy with abs looking better so. I can deal with excersing legs and butt. Go for it! But expect pain and soreness. I'm still very very sore! Good luck!
Suppose to say weeks* ago lol
If I were you I would go for it. I had a TT, mr and lipo in sept 13 and I'm noticing great results from the lipo. The results from the TT are showing a bit but not as much as I would have liked. My surgeon said he couldn't tighten my mussels as completely because of internal fat. I really should have lost some weight before my surgery. Good luck with whatever you decide. xx


So I've been waiting for a few working days now to hear back from liposuction Australia about confirming my surgery date. Not happy. Email is my best communication method as I work shifts including nights and still haven't got a reply. I am apparently booked in for the 3rd December but I haven't got any paperwork posted and still have to get a blood test prior to. I'm worried that because of someone's lack of reply my date will be moved and I'll have to wait longer. Hate stuff being up in the air, fingers crossed that I'll hear something tomorrow.
Hi there, I've had previous lipo done in Brissy too. My recommendation though is that if you can't get onto them before surgery, you may have no hope after. Good luck, and I wish you all the best x


Damn don't you hate that. I just deleted what I just wrote! ARGH!
So, as I was saying, everything is booked in, I meet with the doctor next Tuesday morning then start the procedure around 1:30pm. I just have to get a blood test tomorrow and pick up a prescription for antibiotics.
They've been good with communication today, organising everything etc.

So I've done my pre-lipo weight and measurements too as below:

Weight 60.0kgs

Upper Arms L 30cms R 30cms
Waist 75cms
Hips 87cms
Thighs at the widest point 102cms
Thighs L 60cms R 61cms
Above knee L 45cms R 46cms

So the countdown begins...

Tomorrow's the big day

So tomorrow I have my surgery. Quite nervous especially since i'll be having sedation and very strong analgesia for the first time. I hope everything goes well :)
All the best for tomorrow, hope all goes well x

A truck ran over me...

Well at least it feels like it...Had my procedure yesterday.
The nurse was nice and made me feel comfortable even though I had to be naked. Although once the drugs take effect you don't care anyway.
Dr Goldbaum was good, I was happy that he knew what he was doing and had my safety in mind. I'd read previous review here and other sites that didn't make him come off too good. I can see how some people could view him as arrogant or what not but the guys had over like 20 years experience, I think he knows what he's doing.
Being a nurse myself I think I was a bit more prepared at how he goes about things etc. I was told I was 'fighting the drugs' because I'm such a curious person especially when it comes to medicine/health care.

I had a few vomits this morning but I think that was due to the codeine I've been taking rather than me feeling crappy. My muscles hurt really bad, like what he told me to expect - like i've just done a massive gym routine - but it's way more than that. Once I'm sitting or lying comfortably i'm good, but when I need to move it hurts. And since I got 6 areas done at once I think I'm doing well in managing this pain. Trying to remind myself that I've been wanting this for ages and it won't be long til I feel better.

I'm a bit smelly too after my shower this morning. It got most of the blood stained weepy bits but not all. I can't take it off, even to shower for the first 7 days.
I've got some swelling too I think mostly around my legs and hips.
Ouch! You can already see a difference though. Hope you heal quickly.

Still hurties

Day 2 post surgery. I still can't believe I went through with it. I hurt so bad still. It was the codeine that was making me throw up :S Appetite is better now. Trying to drink more water and stay away from salt and anything that will make me bloat more. So very stiff when I woke up, it was hard to get comfortable last night, the first night I was out of it that I didn't care but last night was difficult.
I would of thought I'd get a call from Lipo Australia as a check in, making sure I'm ok, but nothing yet...
How are you feeling? I know your pain! Haha

Day 3

So feeling better after another massive 11 hour sleep. Must be helping me heal. I'm due to go back to work tomorrow (as a nurse in a busy ED) so don't know if I'm up for that yet. I'm still pretty itchy and sore. :S
Like I'm day 3 after being run over by a truck lol :)
I have no idea how you are going to go back to work.....?!!

Measurements Update

Weight 59.1kgs

Upper Arms L 27cms R 27cms
Waist 74cms
Hips 84cms
Thighs at the widest point 95cms
Thighs L 57cms R 58cms
Above knee L 42cms R 41cms

So far a total of 31cms lost!
Wholly crap. I probably don't sound as enthused as I would be, but that just because I still feel like crap. Trying to stay motivated to keep moving around is more difficult today.
Yeah defs thinking of calling in sick for tomorrow. I don't think I'm up for it yet :S

1 Week Post Procedure

Feeling stiff still and can't fully extend my limbs. Had my check up today, such a long long drive to Tweed :S. I'm healing well and the nurse said I've got some fluid/swelling still which is normal. Finally I'm out of that god damn suit, I'm washing it right now. Very bruised still but that's not bothering me. She said I'll notice more final changes at about 3 months when we definately know all the swelling etc has eased.
I go in for my consul tomorrow… I'm so confused ! I know surgery recovery differs no one is the same, the lipo I wanted said "no down time" up the next day and out n about… I watched video read and read for months and looked at each type, smart,jet,Vaser…Now, I'm like wth did I watch this couldn't be the out n about lunchtime lipo and I'm reading reviews and everyone is wrapped up ! May I ask, what lipo you decided on and is there anything you wished you would have asked your doctor. I personally have a plane to catch 3 days after , so tomorrow I was going to ask about my options . My plan is lower tummy , under chin and little on my bra line in back… the "ran over by a truck" I cant do. I need hit by a a few tennis balls by accident type lipo :)
Hi :) well I had 6 areas done which was hard and the doctor initially wasn't sure if there would be enough local anesthetic to go around (since they base how much they can use on weight). I had my upper arms, lower abs, hips, outer thighs, inner thighs and extension of inner thighs. Since it was so many areas the hit by a truck is correct. But since you are only having lower abs, chin and bra line you shouldn't be feeling too bad. I think I had the type that used something called tumescent? Personally I didn't look too much into which type they used, I just wanted local not general anesthetic and a good doctor with good results. Hope this helps :)
Yes, thank you ! I went back for my pre op yesterday and my doctor is AMAZING. You did have more done and it just varies person to person… Thank You for your response, I'm excited, need a jump start back to my fitness routine. Best Wishes !

1 month update

So it's been 1 month since. Most of the bruising has gone. Measurements haven't changed much again. Definately less swollen, the pictures show. I still have twinges of pain here and there. Mostly not in any achy pain anymore. Mostly happy so far. Obviously everything is still settling so not making final judgements for a while.
You are looking good. How many and what areas did you have done? You were not allowed to take your garment off for a week? Even in the shower? Could have you bought a second garment and Changed immediately following shower? Just asking to see if this might be a good option for me. By this time in three days I should be in recovery after my procedure.
You have had amazing results!! I am thinking about getting my upper arms done, I struggle with that area and no matter what I do they will not go down and still seem giggly, do you notice a difference in them since you had it done there so far?
Yes definitely. I think my arms have had the best results out of all the areas I got done. I've lost 4cms off of each arm. I don't feel self conscious about flabby arms at all anymore :)
Liposuction Australia

So far so good. Communication isn't too bad. Email could be improved. I prefer email as I'm a busy busy person and work random shifts. I've read some bad reviews but I'm hoping that the good outweighs the bad. People are more inclined to post a bad review than a good one.

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