42, with Eye Bags Combatted by Restylane Injections - Pyrmont, AU

I had 1 unit per each tear trough injected under...

I had 1 unit per each tear trough injected under each eye. I was extremely impressed with the results. Any swelling or bruising disappeared after 3-4 days. I experienced occasional water retention/swelling if I had slept badly or not drunk many fluids/had too much salt the previous day. Overall great


Thanks for sharing on RealSelf.  You had one unit or one syringe injected under each eye?  Just want to clarify.  Glad you are happy with your results!
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1 millilitre under each eye I think. Anyway, they call them units. A lot of people only have 1 unit for both eyes. I had two.
Oh okay gotcha.  That seems like such a small amount, but I guess it makes sense under the eyes.
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