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Lost 11 Inches Total. I Enjoyed the "Me" Time, Too! - Puyallup, WA

I have a higher BMI than the clinic suggested,...

I have a higher BMI than the clinic suggested, however I still wanted to get the Zerona procedure done. I am afraid of anything invasive. I have had horrible experiences with anesthesia in the past. So, I feel this was really my only option. I did have soft fat on my abdomen and love handles. (this is the area I hate, and wanted to see change). I signed a contract from the clinic I went to... stating that I am aware that 5-10% of people wont get ANY results... that kind of worried me,(but this clinic had a guarantee that if I did not loose a specified inches, then they would do my 9 treatments again) however I have tried everything else.

So I started taking the curva supplement a week before, then started my treatments 3x a week for 3 weeks, I did their 9 treatment package.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the clinic, it was relaxing, and I could feel a little tingle in my abdomen where the laser beams were pointed too. Didnt feel anything more than that. My life is very fast paced, so this 40 minutes was great, after the 3 weeks I wanted to keep coming just for the "me" time.

After each of my Zerona treatments, I got a lymphatic treatment too (it was included in my package, I haven't heard of other places doing that, but it sure felt great- they said it helps to get the released fat out of the body faster). I took my dog for a walk everyday like they told me to do, didnt drink ANY alcohol, and they wanted me to do low fat, however... I am sooo hungry on low fat, so we compromised, and I did low carb.

I am happy to say that I have lost 11 inches, and this was just from my brafat area, right at my bellybutton and my hips. It has been 4 weeks since I finished my treatments, and I love the way I look. Having gotten this done, my confidence is way up, and I am not embarrassed to go to the gym. It was definately a motivator for me. I am going to go back and do it again.

I appreciate your posting, cause there has been a LOT of back and forth about who is a good candidate and who is not and your results apparently show that someone with a high BMI can be a good candidate (most posters feel high BMI = no or minimal results).

I am beginning to think that high BMI people may be the best candidates overall, because it seems that failure has been reported the most by those of us who were midrange or low BMI to begin with (under 35%). The only live person I have talked to who was happy with her results was also a high BMI.

Thanks for sharing? Got an after pic?
Hi I just read your posting to this person. No people with a high BMI are not good either because I would consider myself to be in the high range and as you know it did nothing for me. I did put an email out to an attorney to see what he thinks. I told him my story and about this web-site. The only thing I don't know how to answer is about the people that say it worked for them. How would you go about explaining that? Need you help. Irish
Sorry, I can be of no help on that. In the photos of people who were happy with their results, for the most part I could not tell any difference in their before and afters. But they were happy. Most of them also paid less than $2000. So I think there is a mind-wallet connect there. They think they got what they paid for. We did not get $3000 worth of improvement, so we, and others, are very unhappy. Got some good news for me today. This coming January I'm getting lipo for the spots that Zerona was supposed to improve 3 years ago. If I had made this decision in 2009, it would only have cost me $800 more than Zerona and my results with be 100% visible. I'm going with the same doctor who did my eyelift in 1998. He is a perfectionist and a real artist with body contouring. I will NOT be robbed again.
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I love this clinic, I have been going there for years for other services. I get laser for hair removal done there, and I get Botox there too. They have never led me astray, and I trust them. I send all my friends to them... they have a loyalty program that I get points for free stuff. I let them use my before and after photos too.

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