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15% TCA Peel - Fantastic - Puyallup, WA

57 years old. Dark spots VERY annoying and getting...

57 years old. Dark spots VERY annoying and getting worse! 15% TCA peel stung for about one minute and then instant relief with the application of something (not sure what it was) My dark spots got worse and even MORE came out! I was scared! But, by day 5 the skin peeled them right off! Miraculous!
Dr Kierney's Office: Whitney

Whitney works at Dr Kierney's Medical Spa- she is AMAZING! She was very thorough explaining the procedure. She explained what will happen and assured me that it would look better after it looks WORSE first..and he was right. At first I was so terrified because my dark spots multiplied and were DARKER! But, just like Whitney said, they totally peeled right off!! It's amazing! I'm not finished peeling yet...still have more to go, but, it's day 5, and I feel very confident that the rest of the brown spots will peel off too!

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Show some pictures, taxes101 to see the results of 15% TCA peel, I do have a lot of brown spots around my face n would like to know which procedure it's right for me. Please. Thank u.
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Sad to say, I didn't take any photos! I'm sorry! I was fairly new to this website and didn't know how much it means to have photos!!! I am having an upper/lower blepharoplasty on Thursday...and there will be photos of THAT! There is a person named leilalei who got an Obagi peel, the blue one and she has photos of her results- it looks like brand new skin! This 15% peel that I did was considered "medium"...there is a deeper one- but, boy, it really works, and I've tried all kinds of other things including laser zapping, and all kinds of different lotions and creams. This peel worked to remove brown spots....all but ONE stubborn one and I was told that it could be spot treated, so I will probably have that done soon! Good luck!
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That is great that your dark spots came off! Did you notice any other changes in your skin (taughtness, fine lines, etc) after the peel?

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Yes, Megan, fine lines around my eyes and mouth are much less noticeable, and my skin IS tighter too. Also, now that I am on day 6 I can report that ALL of those horrible brown/black spots peeled off!!! There's an irony though... When I first went, I was concerned about ONE really visible brown spot on my forehead. THAT was the spot I wanted gone, and the others were not even noticeable at all. After the peel, OMG, so many horrible gigantic brown/black spots came out from under the surface of my skin, I was horrified. But, now... ALL of them are gone EXCEPT that ONE spot that I hated in the first place! So funny ! haha! My skin looks FAB though! And Whitney told me that spot may need extra attention, and apparently she was right! I am confident we will be able to "spot treat" it at my next appt. and it too will be history! In my opinion, this is the ONLY way to treat "age" spots!! Really fantastic!
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Oh gosh, doesn't that figure, the one thing you really, really want gone ends up being the stubbornest! Please update on how things continue to go, and if what changes you see if you do spot treat the spot. :)

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