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Hi all ! this is AB. Please follow an advice given...

Hi all ! this is AB. Please follow an advice given by my surgeon - following a healthy diet and active lifestyle is always a must. Surgery is only the final option. I can't sleep on some nights as these bells keep ringing my ears - my mother used to tell this before she passed away. I am my husband always measured success in terms of professional achievements and designations and wealth and got our bodies into a really bad shape. Its is not just the bad shape that bothers me but the accompanying health issues too.

I was based in New York until Jan 2013 working as a hotel and restaurant consultant. Being presentable is of prime importance to us in this industry. However, with my relevant qualifications and loads of experience, I did very well for myself. After about 10 years, I have been approached to head the management boards of a few companies. Now, I am increasingly feeling the need to stay in proportions.

My husband who is a doctor had met Dr Ashish Davalbhakta at a conference and hence, he was our first point of contact. I wasn't still convinced of going ahead with surgery hence I was simply 'window shopping'. This was back in Dec 2012. However, upon doing a video meeting with the Dr Ashish, I gained a lot of knowledge about the science and simultaneously grew confidant too. I was neither in good shape nor young enough for following a fitness routine, so I decided for myself that surgery would be the course to take.

My family had decided to migrate to India in 2013. I finished my assignment in New York in Nov 2012. My husband had flown earlier to seek employment contracts as a doctor in India. I arrived in India in Jan 2013 and did my first across the table consultation in Feb 2013. Having seen pictures of his results, I was convinced that I needed surgical help ASAP. We scheduled it for Sept 2013.

We decided to get rid of the major chunk of fat off. I call this stage 1. I showed the doctor the results I hoped to get from Stage 1. Later, either by fitness gym or by surgery, I would further reduce - I call this Stage 2.

Surgery went well! I got to the surgery center at 8am got called in about 8:15. The nurse came in gave me a gown and compression stockings. The anesthesiologist came in asked me some questions then the doc came in and marked me. Then it was time, at this time my nerves were sort of numb. The last thing I remember is asking the anesthesiologist how long it took him to become an anesthesiologist. I woke up in the recovery room and the nurse was besides me. Not sure how long I was there but I was awake the whole ride home.

When I got home went straight to the recliner and fell asleep. Later on I ate a couple of sandwiches and took the antibiotics my hubby then gave me a shot to prevent blood clots.

The first day home I mostly slept. I made sure to eat a yogurt everytime I took my antibiotics . I never touched the percocets. I got lots of anxiety. I ate soup, sandwiches and, yogurt throughout the day. I slept in intervals of 2hrs the most. I had my first postop follow up and the nurse said everything looked good. At times, my blood pressure was really high my anxiety was through the roof. My hubby took water bottles out the freezer and put one on my neck and my forehead and that helped alot.
On some days I ate some soft chicken tacos and guacamole and it was delicious! It was nice eating something light that's not soup!

Im so grateful to my hubby I couldn't have done this without him! I am so glad I chose a good surgeon. I usually do it righ the first time whether it is choosing the man to date, profession or in this case choosing my doc.

Now, I am working towards Stage 2 results - so, rushing to the gym. Take care & good luck

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He is fabulous. Even if you are outside India & may not want to travel here to sek his treatment, speaking with him for advice is highly recommended. Cheers, doc !

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I've being emailing your doctor he responded quickly ... What the airfare like
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Thanks for your pic , you are looking great , what was your weight and BMI before your surgery , my weight is 239now and my BMI is 39 now but my doctor say it has to be 35 or lower before surgery ... Thanks
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@MyWeightgoal43 my weight was 80Kg. I am not sure of bmi. Modern techniques allow fat reduction irrespective of bmi. You may want to write to my doc with photos, he might be able to give free advice:
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I was just checking ... You did your surgery in the country India , am I correct ?.... Hum
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@MyWeightgoal43 Yes, I was considering USA, but its expensive. Please excuse me but looking at your pictures, I think you body needs a lot of surgical work (just like mine) and could be expensive. If cost is stopping you, I would encourage you to speak with my doc in India. Good luck
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Yes I have a lot of work to be done my body is a total mess ... I've consulted with a few doctor here plus in Dominica republic ... The one I'm comfortable with in DR is DR. ALMONTE she quote me $5200 for TT, BBL AND LIPO so with airfare and insurance etc maybe a $7000 total and then I'll go back a year after to do my breast ... I know the air fare is expensive to travel to India ... Yes I'm saving my butt off to put my money together but my main problem is my BMI and weight , I'm stuck at 239 , then next week I may go back to 243 ... It's stressing my out
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I just emailed him ... Will let you know when he responded
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Sounds good, you already have done lot of research. Good going girl ! You already planned to do TT; then which zones of body exactly are you considering Lipo for ? Do you think your body can take so much (TT+BBL+Lipo) in a single trip ? I think you may need two trips increasing your expenses
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Tummy, flank, inner thighs, back rolls , sides and arm
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Congrats on your surgery , good luck on stage 2 , wish you had pic so we could see your before and after pic ... Thanks for the info
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Thanks for reminding. I thought I had uploaded pictures. Thanks for your good wishes
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