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I had rhinoplasty done back in 2000. I had a bump...

I had rhinoplasty done back in 2000. I had a bump on my nose that was fixed. The surgeon did a minor refinement on my tip. He also lifted the angle of nose a little bit. I dont like the fact that i have one nostril bigger than the other. The surgeon didnt touch my nostrils. Is it possible to make the bigger nostril match the smaller one?

Some extra information that might help:

1. I also noticed the side of my nose more pinched in on the right side then the left. Meaning the nostril that is bigger is less pinched in then the smaller nostril.

2. i noticed that the tip on the right side is smoother then the tip on the left side. Basically my whole left side is different from my right. N its noticable when my pictures are taken from my profile showing two different profile and basal view.

Is my case fixable? I dont want a revision that is noticeable meaning- i dont want to have a noticeable revision. I just want these issue fixed. I dont want to look like a different person or obvious that i had another nose job. I just want to fix these issues that bother me. So im looking to further tweek these imperfections that seem to mess up the harmony on my face. Thanks

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Hi! Im from Puerto Rico and looking forward to rhinoplasty, just not sure about getting it done here. May I know the name of your surgeon?
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I'm not a medical professional, but it looks as if your nose may have collapsed on one side: which can be a complication of rhinoplasty. That happened to me and I ended up having to have cartilage from my ear placed in my nose. It was a bit of an ordeal, but did not make my nose job look much different.

Good luck and please let us know what you decide.

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Oh i didnt know thats where i was suppose to put it. Thank you. No my surgery cost 2500 in puerto rico.
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Oh okay. I've changed it in the review. Thanks for clarifying!

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Thanks for sharing your experience. You may also find it helpful to post your question to the Doctor Q&A Forum.

You noted that your surgery cost $0 -- was it covered by insurance?

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