Permanent Lip Color

Feeling sad and confused, they told me it will...

feeling sad and confused, they told me it will fade, but when , i can't go to work like this !!!!i'm crying my eyes out.

I just had permanent lip color,hoping to have a nice natural rosey look, and they look to dark, i'm crying my eyes out!!! The makeup artists says it will fade. But when??? What can i do to fade then out a little???Please help!!!!1
The lipliner will continue to fade and thin out. Slow and steady wins the race here, so give it more time. Are you able to put a lighter liner color over it, or lipstick to make it less noticeable? If after 6 months, you can't live with the color, there are many treatments to try.... a PMU can "lift" the color by re-opening the tattoo with a dry needle and adding salt. There is also a new product called "Eliminink" that is said to lift tattoos. Laser is aways an option, but none of these methods are painless, without cost and most importantly, there is always the possibility of scarring. I hope that time will be your correction.
I was pretty terrified of mine the first week or so. It fades, usually in about a month.
Since a few weeks have passed, hopefully swelling has gone down and your lip color has bloomed to the hue you originally anticipated. Thankfully, the lip tissue is continually exfoliating and with only one procedure, you can lose up to 70% of the intensity of the shade. That is the reason most technicians implant such a strong intensity of pigment. The most important thing your technician can advise is the proper color to be implanted for your skintone. If you have African-American, Asian or Hispanic skintones, brown or purple shades are not a good idea, as they tend to darken.
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