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Eyelashes growing in at strange directions....

Eyelashes growing in at strange directions. Mascara highlights this. Frustration! I don't know......

I had used RapidLash in the past with lengthening of the lashes noted, but then the effects seemed to weaken. Finally decided to bite the bullet and try Latisse. I did have alot of soreness and itching at first, but that's gone. I have been using it about 5 weeks. I am 60 yrs. old and have serious thinning of the eyelashes and my poor eyebrows were down to what you could count on one hand. I used it on the eyebrows and got great results, esp. on the inner side. The eyelashes however, are a different story. All of a sudden things got darker and thicker---but definitely not uniformly. This I could live with. But the new thicker eyelashes are growing in at really crazy directions and some of them are slightly curly. Trust me, this does NOT look beautiful in mascara. The length is uneven as well. I even took the scissors to them to try to even the look. I am going to see what happens at the end of the bottle. I would rebuy for the eyebrow results, but right now I'm not sure the mess I have with the lashes will straighten out. Has anybody else noted this irritating side effect?


Oh my gosh!! I have posted on several people's reviews asking if their growth came in uniformly or if it was kind of wild & all over the place, because that happened to my sister! It must just be what happens with some people, and it seems pretty rare. She finally decided it just wasn't worth it & stopped using it. Bummer though, because she did see a lot of growth.

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