I Found a Product Which Hides Ice Pick Scars or Scars on Your Face! - Providence, RI

Hi guys just wanted to let you know I found a...

Hi guys just wanted to let you know I found a product smashbox makes it its called photo finish....(targeted proe and line primer) Anyhow, i was at sephora complaning about my scars on my face and the women who worked there said yes , well let me try something on you .....so, she applied it to my scars and they look like they vanished ! im not one for wearing makeup (coverup or foundation) it is creamy clear-whitish.... it blends in....i honestly will not leave my house with out it ! works Great !!!


Thank you so much for the great tip on the product.  I may have to try this myself for the scar on my neck.  

Nice to know there is something that works well and does what it claims.  

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Well, guys I made an appointment with a plastic...

well, guys I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon. the scars on my face.... he mentioned that i have a dermabrasion done......not a micro dermabrasion(thats lunchtime peal) Anyhow, im going to take a picture of my face .before and after the dermabrasion i will post a picture.....The doctor said he is not a fan of tca cross...i am
and i told him it really works well on small ice pick scars .....well, the more sessions you have the better the results....but, i have an area on my cheek i dont like so, while im not working im going to have the dermabrasion done ,..they will put me out ....so, atleast i wont have to see the procedure being done :) ill keep you all posted ! god bless !!


Hi christine how has your procedure been coming along?
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I am a Permanent Makeup Artist & cosmetic tattooist in Florida, and I must say, I have awesome results with ice pick scars with a technique known as Dry Tattooing.Dry Tattooing is just as it sounds, no pigments, just the machine itself and a small needle configuration. Once performed, your body recognizes the trauma as a wound and sends collagen and new blood supply to the area. The new collagen actually produces a "filling in" effect, and lessens the depth of the scar. Lasers cannot pinpoint these small scars in quite the same manner, so much of my work is performed in tandem with laser treatments. this technique when performed apart from lasers can be far less expensive with better targeted results than lasers and revision surgery. Several sessions may be required to produce enough collagen to completely make the ice pick scar unnoticeable . I also use this technique on other types of scars and also for wrinkles and brown spots. It's pain free, but there is a small amount of unsightliness that can be covered with makeup. It looks like small dark spots or red freckles in every place that there is a scar. These fade in 2-3 days and the collagen production will take place immediately although 3-4 months is needed for best results. Treatments may be repeated 6-8
weeks apart.
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I'm very excited about what you are sharing. I will like to find out more.
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