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Nervous, but Preparing and Hope It Will Build Confidence - Providence, RI

Hey all! since i was in about middle school i have...

Hey all! since i was in about middle school i have wanted to have the procedure done. So i went to consultations since february of this year, and within the past month i paid off the procedure, and it is scheduled for sept 14. i wasnt nervous until about a week ago. its still over a month away but now i feel like my self confidence will boost so much because of the surgery and i almost dont want to wait!!! I have modeled for three years now and it is tough because i am so limited as to what side they can photograph and its great they can edit a bad side, but i want to be able to take pictures and not have to edit a thing.... so i will post closer to the date im already nervous.....

Waiting is so hard, I know! Please make sure you've chosen a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and you might want to check out this list of things to get before surgery. Please keep us posted on how you're feeling as the big day nears!

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