My Invisalign Story - Providence, RI

So I went to see my dentist for a cleaning and I...

So I went to see my dentist for a cleaning and I mentioned I always wanted braces since I have moderate crowding on my bottom teeth and problems with my jaw. He recommended 6 month smiles or Invisalign. After further exam he thought Invisalign would be best. A dental assistant stated my dentist had a Groupon available for half off at $2,700, of course a great price so we went along with it.

My trays arrived in 4 weeks and I put them on for the first time yesterday. I am very upset because I've only had them on since then and I already have cuts on my tongue and inside of my bottom lip. It is agonizing!!!! I feel where the sharp parts are and tried filing them down since that is what I saw was best to do if there are sharp parts of the trays. This did not work, at all. My top tray is fine, it is the bottom tray that has the sharp edges.

I will absolutely be calling the dentist tommorro to see if I can get dental wax to cover the edges. This pain occurs when I move my mouth or tongue in any way, talking is horrible. I also have a lot of itching on my bottom gums and lip where the edges are which adds to the pain of the cuts.

I will be coming on here to update during the process. I have 15 trays total which means I'll have treatment for 8-9 months. Like I said I hope this gets better because I can't go through this for 9 months! It's only been 2 days and I'm in so much pain already. :( I will also add pictures as soon as I can, right now I can't even deal.

Oh my very goodness, I am so sorry to hear how rough you treatment started out. How are you doing now?? Were you able to get some wax?

I'm hoping you read others reviews and saw that most people say the first 1-2 weeks can be pretty tough, but it does get better!


So as written in the comments below, my husband...

So as written in the comments below, my husband filed down the edges more and it really helped. I was against trying to fix it on my own because I didnt want to damage the trays but it worked. I didnt purchase the wax since the problem was resolved. Next Sunday ill be changing trays to my next (second) set.

I have some normal sorness and its hard to eat, even soft food but its not that bad at all.
I am doing great! My husband filled down the sharp edges more and it really helped. I rinsed my mouth with warm, salt water and my mouth healed rather quickly. I did read reviews but I couldnt find much on cuts.

Right now Im dealing with the usual soreness but it okay. Next sunday ill be changing my trays to the next set.

So glad to hear you got those sharp edges taken care of!! Hopefully this next set of trays is a bit smoother for you. :)

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