Filler in Jaw Area - Providence, RI

Pretty expensive, and results only 50%...

Pretty expensive, and results only 50% satisfaction. Hopefully follow up will be satisfying. One side was definitely up to expectations, other side hardly effected. I think i should have researched other doctors and not accept a nurse practician. Office visit pleasant and explanation of procedure explained fully. But, if one side can be improved and look natural, the other side should match pretty closely.

Plastic surgeons do use their nurses for procedures that are considered minor, but if you want a doctor to do it, specify this ahead of time or see a dermatologist. The best filler for mento-labial folds (aka marionette lines) is Perlane which has a large molecule or Juvederm XL. One follow up may be required to even out the results lasting roughly 6 mo or so.
didn't know they still had Perlane on the market?? I only let my plastic surgeon do any procedure on my face..or body if needed but I see Nancy is now happy with the follow-up results which is good news :)

I'm glad to hear you have a follow-up scheduled. Like you said, hopefully things will be balanced out then. Did you have asymmetry in the area that you were aware of before the injections?

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Knew of him 30 years ago. When i needed some assistance in appearance, I wanted to see him. Saw a nurse practician.

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