Tummy Tuck After Giving Birth to Twins

I had my tt about a year ago after giving birth to...

i had my tt about a year ago after giving birth to my twins. after a ful tt, i still have lots of loose skin, bulkiness in my upper abdomen muscle and a very low belly button b/c my surgeon decided that i didn't need a new belly button.

Does anyone has any suggestions, comments or explanation on what i should do to correct this problem? any help is appreciated.

It sounds like you had a "mini-tuck" instead of a full one. With the mini-tuck they don't usually sew up the abdominus recti above your belly button and don't move your navel. If you had (and still have) that much loose skin, not sure why your surgeon decided to do a mini-tuck instead of a full one. If he didn't tell you that he would do a "mini-tuck" he should finish what he started and give you a full tuck with a new navel.
I would let your doctor know how uphappy you are,I mean if it is a year later & you have the poor results you are saying, I wonder what the surgeon who operated on you has to say for himself?? I am sure you have seen him, did you tell him that you are not satisfied?? If not then do so ASAP, I am sure you paid alot of money and didn't get the result you were looking for so let him know if you haven't already*
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still have loose skin, bulkiness in upper abdomen muscle, and very low belly button

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