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I'm 55 and had a TT on Jan 29th 2009.  I also...

I'm 55 and had a TT on Jan 29th 2009.  I also had bladder surgery at the same time. I'm 4 weeks post-op and i'm back to work full time and thank goodness i have a sitting down job.

I'm still very sore and I have two places where the skin died in the incision. I have a huge hole the size of a lemon the other one is not so bad. The dr says it will fill in. I'm not so sure I believe it. 

Right now I'm having to pack  vinegar soaked gause in the holes.  My stomach is flat and tight and it looks great other than being able to see my back thru this hole. My daughter had a lump removed from her breast and they told her the tissue would fill in and it did not.

Has any one out there had this and how often does this happen? I thought by 4 weeks I would be almost well but I think I may have another 4 weeks to go. The tummy tuck has been so dramatic that i can't even tell i had bladder surgery.

At this point if someone ask me if I would do it again i would say no but I'm telling my friends to ask me in 6 months.

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Not sure it was her fault.

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I am wondering why you are filling the wound with vinegar soaked sponges. As a nurse who does alot of wound care I have never heard of this treatment. Your physician may have good rational for this, but you may want a second opinion from another surgeon or wound care clinic.
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I think i found your review and it said it had been moved. I would love to see your pics.
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This is in the incision and actually after the drainage tubes came out i started bleeding thru this spot. They said it was fluid and was normal. Then the next thing i know they are telling me the skin has died and i have a hole big enough to put a lemon into it. I will look for your pics and see if it was the same.
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Hello Pam! If I understood you right, I think I had the same problem, my skin was very thin and above the incision it just didn't heal, and 4 weeks after the original operation my doctor decided to make a correction, and he just took off this part where the skin didn't heal and made a few stiges there. You can read my review with lots of photos about 5-6 pages backwards. Now it looks much better though not as good as I thought it would be before going on a tt. Any way I hope with you it would be better, update us! Good luck.
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