Problem After 2nd TT Redo

I live in Europe. I had abdominoplasty because...

I live in Europe. I had abdominoplasty because I'd had 4 vertical C-sections between the years of 1979 and 1993 and the scar was bothersome.

I had a Tummy Tuck on 10/2008 and a re-do on 3/2009. Many years previous to the Tummy Tuck, I had abdominal Liposuction and apparently, there was scar tissue inside me because of it and this may have caused me to develop 3 large seromas, one with a 1 cm thick wall around it.

Now, 9 weeks after my last Tummy Tuck, I am developing swelling and a terrible tightness that is symptomatic of the same problem I had before (seroma formation). The doctor said today that this is just scar tissue from all my procedures, but he did agree to order an ultrasound to look to see what is in there.

I am in Europe and I'm wondering what you'd do for this in the USA? This pulling and tightness is awful. Every time I sit down and have to stand up I feel like I have hundreds of runner elastics contracting inside of me. I can't stand to be like this for much longer. Please give me your advice! Thanks.

Hi, I live in the UK but had my TT done in Belgium. Very professional. Can't fault it. Me too, it felt like having strings/ elastics in my tummy. I had a full TT with lipo on 25th Oct 2013. I'm now 6 weeks PO. I also wonder how different it is from having this procedure done in the USA. I think their prices are crazy! My consultation with my PS in Belgium was 25€. Abdominoplasty 3500€. Anyhow, hope you're still happy with your results.
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