Extremely Swollen After SmartLipo on Stomach

It's about 5pm now and I had SmartLipo done at...

It's about 5pm now and I had SmartLipo done at 10am this morning. Immediately after the procedure was done, there was an enormous amount of swelling in my stomach area. I literally looked like I was 40 lbs bigger and I looked much better before the procedure began. I called the doctor 30 min. ago and he said that the swelling would take weeks to go down, and the final result would not be visible until several weeks. I'm unsure whether or not he's just telling the truth, or if he's just telling a lie to cover up a big mistake he made during the procedure which caused this swelling. The area's not painful, but I feel extremely bloated rather than slimmer, which is what I was expecting.

Pros: Post-op pain is minimal

Cons: Tumescent anesthesia is MUCH, MUCH more painful than expected (the lidocane injection did NOTHING to help ease the pain). The entire procedure was extremely uncomfortable. SWELLING is SEVERE after the procedure. EXPENSIVE ($5,300).

Are there any suggestions? I don't know if I should seek additional treatment from another doctor for this swelling or if this swelling is really normal.
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Where did you go and how are you feeling now ? I live in Princeton too and would love to know
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the swelling is normal, everyone is different so its hard to say y someone is more swelled than others, me personally i left the surgery slim and if u look at my pics i was slim until day 3 then i blew up, i am now coming up on week 3 and the swelling on my stomach is finally going down and evening out, but my back looks just like it did b4 surgery. all i can say is give it sometime and see if it goes down, for the most part by week 1, week2, week3 and so on u should see improvements, hope this helps
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I agree with revamp. I had it done 8 days ago today. I had the same experience. I even thought it didn't work. But when I refer to pictures it did. I still have swelling. It definelty gets worse the more I do throughout the day. But, everday there is a little improvement.
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