I Feel Your Pain- I've Had 3 Surgeries- Going on 4 - Princeton, NJ

I have had a horrible experience with my implants....

I have had a horrible experience with my implants. I'm 24 years old and have had 3 surgeries already! Initially, my chest muscles were over-dissected, which caused them to bottom out. When we were doing that repair my doctor and I noticed that the likeliness of synmastia occurring was very likely, but did not do that surgery because it was so extensive. As we thought, my synmastia had taken full effect within 8 months and I had my 3 surgery. I thought everything was going to be okay, but it's not! Nearly 1.5 years later the synmastia is back! Im considering taking them out, but I dont want empty bags for breasts. I would never wish this horrible experience on anyone!

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My surgeon had no idea what she was doing. Her website says, "certified by the board of plastic surgeons." She's only certified to do hand surgeries. She was an uncompassionate jerk when I went to her sobbing after what she had done to me. Then she had the nerve to say it wasn't her fault. She settled out of court for $10,000. If I could have afforded a lawyer and the proper documentation I would have gotten her for medical malpractice. I should have taken out another loan!

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Oh Richmond! baby girl I am so sorry, and you are so young. I've had a very bad 12 year ride with implants, but feel really comfortable at this point with planning an explant without a lift for myself. There are really great implant removal (explantation) reviews here with real women's before and afters. Don't believe anyone who tells you that for sure you will end up with a lot of loose floppy skin. Many women in the explant reviews are even in their 40s-50s and had implants for 25+ years, multiple revision implants/capsular contracture and still end up with nice looking explant results without doing a lift! Thanks so much for posting your painful story -- I've posted mine as well because complications are so often downplayed by PS and we don't know all the possible bad outcomes we get ourselves into. Bless you, I wish you all the best! As you are figuring out your next move, stop by and hang out with us explant/future explant girls - there is a lot of hope and strength to be found there. Xoxoxo
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I am so sorry to hear of this, this is terrible. I hope you get everything back in the right place
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There are a few options for the fourth surgery. One is to take them out completely, which will leave very loose skin. Two, take them out for a year and let me body heal. Then we can try again from scratch. And lastly, redo the entire symmastia repair surgery with smaller implants and hope for the best. Thank goodness my current doctor will help with the cost. I'm thinking that the last option would be best. Currently I am waiting it out to see how long these ones will last. I have been wearing the thong bra every night while I sleep and when I go to the gym. I never thought this is what it would entail when getting a breast augmentation.
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I'm really sorry you're going through this! Thanks so much for posting your story and photos here on RealSelf. What will your fourth surgery entail?

If it helps at all, here are doctors discussing Symmastia repair. Please let us know how your next procedure goes. 

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