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So Far So Good! Suffering With Consistent Acne For 11 Years - Princeton, NJ

Ive been suffering with moderate CONSISTANT and...

Ive been suffering with moderate CONSISTANT and sometimes cystic acne for 11 years. Started 20 mg of accutane 2 weeks ago (finally) and already see a huge difference. No more oily face or hair!!!!! Now I can wash my hair every 4th day instead of everyday its so exciting and saves so much time.... I used to go trough 3 oil blotting sheets a day and they would be converted in oil. Haven't used one since I started and truly don't need to at all it's the best thing ever! I can wear any makeup I want. I still have some marks on my face (obviously) but its so much nicer and smoother. I used to never open the blinds at work cause the natural sunlight would make me look horrible. I look so much better already. I knew even before I started I should've started sooner. I'm so happy and relieved. Only con is dry lips.. But who cares honestly everything else is great. I use cerave foaming face wash day and night, cerave PM at night and neutrogena oil free SPF 35 on my dry areas in the morning and that's it!

Hi Megan :) I was just scared about all the side effects that were possible that I read about... The hair loss, depression, suicidal thoughts, initial break out... Now I can't even think of why I took so long to finally do it but I'm so happy I did I reccomend it to everyone!!! Even if u dont have cystic acne and tried everything else

I can definitely understand why you would pause because of the side effects, I mean since you don't know how your body will react before you start, it can be a little scary to start. It really seems it has been a great treatment for many people. I'll be looking forward to hearing how things go for you. :)


What a great start it sounds like you are off to!! That is awesome you only have to wash your hair every 4th day!! I'm a daily hair washer too, otherwise I just look like a big grease ball! ;) I'm so glad to hear it is working well for you. Since you mentioned you knew you should have started it sooner, was it mainly just concern about the side effects that was previously holding you back?

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