Prevelle Silk is Awesome!

I had prevelle silk done in my lips. It is so...

I had prevelle silk done in my lips. It is so natural looking and is very soft. I have the lips that I was born with again!

I'm not sure how long it lasts...probably around 3 months. It cost 260.00 and I will do it again in 3 months for that price. It looks that good!

Sorry I don't really have any pictures that show a good shot of my lips before the procedure.

Name not provided

I would recommend my dr. for the prevelle silk...she was very skilled with this procedure.

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Mia2009, how long did Prevelle last for you?

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hi there, Yes, I had the prevelle too a while back and loved it, but didn't last, that was the only thing. And it cost 500 for me, so if u can please send us the name of the injector who did yours for less would be great. Thanks
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Can you provide us with the name of your doctor? Thank you
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