My Vaser Hi-Def Procedure - Pretoria, South Africa

I had Vaser Lipo Hi-Def now 2 years ago by Dr...

I had Vaser Lipo Hi-Def now 2 years ago by Dr Claassen in Pretoria. All I can say is WOW still 2 years later.

It changed my whole life. Yes I had 9 litres of fat removed from my stomach, love handles and pubic area and what a difference this made to me. For the first time in many years I could do a proper sit up ha ha...

The Doctor was very professional, clinic staff excellent especially post procedure as the recovery from Hi-def is different and during the 1st week not only did I swell, but had more discomfort and pain than one usually expects... But I saw my results improving every day thereafter for the next 3-6 months.

I have kept the weight off and train every day in the gym. My initial weight was 121kg's and I am now 107kg's still 2years later. For me it wasnt so much the weight but the cm's I lost and I now wear a size 32 jeans down from 42 !!

I am now saving to have the New Vaser 4D which includes fat transfer to have my arms sculpted and chest :)

2 years ago I weighed 122kg and now I am only...

2 years ago I weighed 122kg and now I am only 107kg and very happy. I still have kept the fat off so Vaser changed my life. It gave me a new lease and motivation to keep fit. I have been going to the gym for 6 days a week since Jan 2012 - last year I went as I wanted, just one of those years ha ha.

I have spoken to friends who have had laser treatments and the results are just NOT the same

I have now added a photo 2 years post Vaser...

I have now added a photo 2 years post Vaser Liposuction in South Africa :).

I am still thrilled by my result and what a difference it has made to my life. I still go to gym, eat propoerly have cut down on drinking drastically (yes still have a couple of beers on a Saturday) but all is done in moderation now.

I am so determined not to go back to where I was before Vaser

Well 2 years later and yesterday I had Vaser...

Well 2 years later and yesterday I had Vaser Hi-Def to both my arms under local anaesthetic.

Procedure took 30 minutes and apart from hearing the Vaser buzzing it was absolutely pain free. Slight discomfort whilst they were sucking the fat out and then sculpting with the Hi-Def techniques... I left the clinic 30 minutes later!

I went back this morning to have small fluid collection drained which is normal but WOW what a result I saw. The Doctor has promised to send me all the pictures taken so as soon as I have received them I will post...

Last night hardly any pain and this morning slight discomfort

I had Vaser Hi-Definition to both my arms last...

I had Vaser Hi-Definition to both my arms last week Wednesday at Bedfordview Medical and Aesthetic Clinic by Dr Ernu de Villiers.

The whole procedure took 40 minutes under local anaesthetic. I had no discomfort or pain during the procedure and Dr de Villiers was excellent talking to me the whole time.

I could hear the Vaser sound and next time I will remember my itunes so block this out but it was so quick that it didnt bother me.

Now as I had Hi-def 2 years ago to my stomach I now wanted to sculpt my arms. I have been going to the gym as often as I could but this was a quick fix. I had hardly any fat but wanted more definition so Dr de Villiers sculpted the shape from the shoulder down to my tricep and redefined my tricep :)

I had pain killers for the night but didn't take them. It is now 6 days later and I have not had any pain rather discomfort at times and Yes I bumped into the door twice which was sore!! I went for 2 sessions of physio just to assist with drainage and to ensure no lumps or bumps. I do have some bruising down the back of my arms but I expected that especially with the Hi-def so close to my muscle and skin - nothing that wont go in a week with some Arnica..

I am waiting for the Dr to send me the picture of before and immediately after so will post them shortly :)

I waited 30 minutes after to drive home to fetch my wife. I then took her to the clinic as she was booked to have Vaser hi-def to her stomach after it was messed up by a Plastic Surgeon last year in Durban and had to be fixed by Dr de Villiers and then she had Vaser breast shaping (fat transfer) to her breasts.. This morning I took her for her 1st physio session...

Adding some photos of my arms that were done a...

Adding some photos of my arms that were done a week ago by Dr Ernu de Villiers from Namibia at the clinic in Bedfordview
Henri Claassen

Dr Claassen is very busy and I was made aware of the waiting times - but this also gave me confidence in his knowledge of Vaser. At the time he was the only Doctor performing Vaser Hi-Def in Africa and I now know there are more Doctors performing Vaser in South Africa. Updated on 18 Sep 2012 Arms treated by Vaser Lipo South Africa by Dr de Villiers was excellent and is highly experienced with Vaser!! I chose him because of his expertise and that he is now flying to South Africa once a month to perform Vaser procedures at this clinic in Bedfordview

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Also first day my legs were full with water no it has reduced and today my abdomens are full so will all the parts being done with vaser will be full of water then after a while eliminated
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Hi Duncan I have already done the vaser liposelection procedure and doctor removed 12 liters of fat from hips inner thighs and abdomen and flanks and breast that was last monday today I am feeling better I can walk fine but when can I resume workouts and when will my results be visible and the garments when will I stop wearing them and my doctor told me to eat what I want but no junk food or sodas also when can I have sex and will 12 liters of fat removed be reflected on scale after a while
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Hi Duncan, I am male 30 170 cm 100 kg and the doctor told me he will remove 12 to 15 liters of fat in one session by vaser liposelection is it possible and how many cm will I lose from abdomen as I have 17 kg of over fat in my trunk and will I be able to see my six packs I mean that can he remove up to 80 % of body fat from any area
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Firstly yes they will remove most of the fat cells from the area being treated and 80% can be about right if your fat is mainly in your skin layer and not around your internal organs (loose fatty skin..!) 12-15 kg of fat seems excessive to me especially in one treatment and not sure if this is safe for you as this is a big shock to your body. I had @9 litres of fat removed which was a lot and was kept on a drip overnight and monitored for safety. Not sure how one can measure the amount of KG over your stomach only?? Vaser hi-def is sculpting a permanent 6 pack by certified Doctors who offer this procedure and they wouldn't in my opinion state you have this amount of KG's there most likely debulk as much fat as possible to remove it first....
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Hi I am 99 kg and my doctor told me he can remove 12 to 15 liters of fat by vaser liposelection is it the same as vaser hi-defand what can I expect Immediately after the operation and also he told me I will drop 2 sizes down immediately after surgery
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Again seems a lot of fat to remove at once... It is possible but would recommend you stay overnight in hospital (if this is where it is being done?) so they can monitor you... Personally I think it is too optimistic to remove that amount and most would remove 6-9 litrs of fat depending on patient. Vaser hi-def is more a technique using Vaser that they need to be certified to perform where they sculpt 6-packs etc. Vaser lipo selection is fat removal without damaging nerve ending and fat cells. You will see immediate results but also remember your body will swell in the first week which is natural and at least 7-10 days post op. You need to wear a support garment for 3-4 weeks which does help (find a proper one though...!! Many cheap ones doctors offer don't give the right support I found and bought my own - make was Macom garment I found the best but more expensive)
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Hello Duncan I contacted Dr Ernu de Villiers in Namibia, he is not doing any procedures in Bedfordview S.A.??
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Hi AussieRose, no and the clinic Lightsculpt in Bedfordview is falsely advertising Vaser to offer another product! My suggestion for Vaser hi-def or 4D in South Africa is Dr Weyers in Roodepoort or Dr Claassen in Pretoria - both are also excellent!! Go to to contact them
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Wow, what an amazing difference...congrats!
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Thanks!! 3 years on my stomach now since Vaser and still loving it..
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You look like a new man, congratulations for keeping at it, its the sort of physique ive always been try toi acheive through diet and exercise without luck so Vaser Hi-def is on my to do list in the future and can only hope for results like yours
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Do you have the doctor's contact info?
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Hi, sorry visit and they can help you :)
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Hi Duncan, First, I must say how wonderful you look! And great job on maintaining your results. I am considering VASER to treat stubborn pockets of fat on my abdomen and back. I have consulted with several plastic surgeons in the U.S. and South Africa. Could you please tell me the name of the institutions where Dr. Claassen practices? Thanks!
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Hi Nouvelle, Thank you for your kind words and yes after the procedure it is down to self motivation to keep it as it is now. Mine was just looking at the before photos :) Dr Claassen can be found at el Aesthetica clinic in Pretoria there is a banner link directly to his website on vaser (dot) za (dot) com and you can contact them from there. He does have a long waiting list but this is testiment to how busy he is and I was willing to wait. If you cannot then there are many more very good Doctors now using Vaser in South Africa and Namibia - I had my arms done with Vaser 5 weeks ago by Dr Ernu de Villiers of Namibia Aesthetics and he was excellent!!
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Hi how much did it cost u to do the 29 yrs I weight 95kg am size 42 with a body mass of 40 I hav been told that this procedure is not suitable for people like me who are overwieght is that true?I would really like to get it done.TK83
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Hi, Procedure for standard fat removal with Vaser cost me @R25,000 with Vaser hi-def (I believe if you are suitable...) cost an extra R20k.... but costs depend on clinic and Doctor! I cannot comment on your BMI and who mentioned that to you. I do know that some Doctors will only treat one area at a time if you are over a certain BMI and it depends on where your fat is around your stomach and how much extra skin you may have. I know that there have been very large people treated with great success with Vaser that is better than what people had before. I would suggest look through for more information...
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Thank you Duncan
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Hi, you six pack is fat???Is soft????
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No it was sculpted onto the muscle below so it is not fat. I know that with the Vaser 4D they use your own fat behind the muscle but that is a different procedure. As it is on the muscle it is not soft - not uite sure what you are asking though?
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Great result and awesome u have kept up with in...great often a week do you work out now??
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How many cm cut was the sculpting;
0.5cm,1cm or 2cm?
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Hi Andy,

The cut was 3-5mm and not cm's and I had 4 small ones one my stomach area. 2 below chest and 2 in groin area. On the back I had one cut down between my buttocks
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Thanx for info Duncan.
Can you tell me who your doctor was as I would like to get a comparative quote.
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